Anxiety Attacks And How I Cope

My anxiety attacks are scary, and are usually trigger when something happens with something I care about most.first I start to go numb in my arms, hyper ventilate, my mind starts to rhuminate on the problem. Once I get over the initial attack (luckily my panic attacks and panic attacks in general don’t last more than 15 minutes). However for the next 12 hours I shut down and just stare into oblivion, my mind is out to lunch (as they say) and I have trouble doing tasks. Depending on the severity of the attack I may have to take a day off work. Fortunately for me they don’t happen on a daily basis but maybe every few months.

Up until my mid 20’s I didn’t suffer from anxiety attacks and what changed I don’t know, the thing about mental illness is it’s not logical it doesn’t have a rhyme or reason. I have to remind myself it’s caused by chemical I’m balances and not who I am as a person. I do know however it loves to cling the things I care about most. 

For me a big part of dealing with panic attacks is recognize what things trigger them and how to avoid these. Secondly I have certain people I reach out to when I am having an attack to be a rational voice when I am having an attack and finally I have learned to practise breathing exercises when I’m having an attack.

If you want to learn more on why anxiety attacks occur this article gives some great insight.

Until we speak again. Keep fighting the monster.

– The Survivor